Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kate rhymes with awesome.

I'd like to take a moment to talk about something really personal. Something that perhaps I shouldn't be revealing. I mean, as far as I can tell, it's something society finds really reprehensible, and most bloggers seem to try to avoid this very fact. But I must come clean.

Truth: I wear items of clothing, even special occasion items, more than once. Sometimes, more than once in the same week.

Another important fact: I keep up on my celebrity gossip. I'll leave it at that. One of the things I've started noticing more and more is the attention paid to a celebrity/celebutante/unicorn when she -- and it is (anecdotally) always a woman -- wears something she has worn before. Which leads me to my main point.

Thank you, Kate Middleton.

Here, we see her wearing the same green Diane von Furstenberg dress twice in the same month. Cue shock and awe.  Seriously, feel free to click through to the story from which I pulled this picture.  Despite the fact that Duchess Catherine seems to have turned from an attractive, shapely young woman to a living hanger since the beginning of her courtship, I am pleased that she is revealing to the public the fact that even those with unimaginable wealth at their fingertips sometimes wear the same clothes more than once.  For most people, including me, this is a necessity.  Still, everyone has favorite items of clothing they wear as often as they can get away with, either because they're insanely comfortable or the way they look is fabulous.

So thanks, Kate, for showing us that we don't have to hold ourselves to the impossible standard of wearing something entirely new every damn day.  You may reward yourself with a cheeseburger.


Also, her hair is really shiny.  I want that.  kthxbye.


Sammy said...

If I had that dress, I might wear it every single day. Especially if I looked like her in it.

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

She looks amazing, she is indeed lovely.

Mary Lane said...

If I had this dress I would definitely wear it more than once because it's gorgeous.

The press coverage of her wardrobe is insane, simply insane.