Thursday, July 24, 2014

We're All Supposed to Be Wearing Kimonos

Or, at least, that's what it seems like this year, right? Not that I have a problem with it. As a proponent of the maxi dress (looks fancy, feels like you're wearing a blanket in public), obviously I can get behind the idea of the kimono. Loose fitting summer wear with cool patterns that are secretly just glorified bathrobes? Yes, please.

Now, what is generally being referred to as a "kimono" in the fashion world is not, in the strictest sense (or any sense, really), a kimono. That moniker belongs to a specific garment originating from Japan. That's all I'm going to say about that, because this is not a history blog. (This is a history blog.)

At any rate, I've been perusing the internetz, and I found some of these trendy garments that would make an interesting addition to a late summer outfit. I say go full-on print crazy! Go big or go home, amiright? What thinks you?

Summer Kimonos

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