Thursday, July 17, 2014

Getting Into DIY (I Hope)

You know, I was talking to my mother, who is in the midst of decorating her new house, and we were discussing curtains for the master bedroom. Having decided not to spend a fortune on something in a room hardly anyone would see (and window treatments do tend to run up the bottom line quite a lot!), she admitted that she's just going to have someone else hem the less expensive panels she's chosen. This inspired me to reveal a truth about my family.

"Mom, we're just not crafty people. We just aren't."

And that's okay. As a creative person, it's long bothered me that I get sucked into projects and then find I lack meaningful follow through and the ability to plan in a way that prevents me from making mistakes, but I've mostly made my peace with it.


We are people who love a good deal. And pretty things. And DIY is a great way to get both those things in one fell swoop. With that in mind, I've been bookmarking some clothing DIYs that I'd like to complete before the end of the year. You know, nothing with a sewing machine, since I don't have one (and have entirely forgotten how to use one anyway), just little projects to give a stab. I love personal little touches, and I think it'll be a fun way to end up with something unique.

On my list:

A Beautiful Mess - Bleach Painting on Textiles D.I.Y.

I really like the idea of being able to pick up a simple, cheap shirt, and turning it into something whimsical. Since it doesn't have to be precise, I think it'll suit me nicely.

I love A Beautiful Mess, for the record. Just an all-around wonderful lifestyle blog with some really lovely photography. As the fall approaches, I like to use lightweight scarves to accessorize my outfits since the weather can be a little changeable, and you never know when you're gonna get a warm or cold burst of air. I'm secretly in love with the starts, so this idea appeals to me greatly. A little more time intensive, we'll see if I have the wherewithal for it.

I will never stop loving glitter, it seems. I think I'd like to do this on a cardigan, and I'll definitely be going the thrift shop route to find that. On an oversized men's cardigan, like grandpa-style, the glittery goodness will have a delightful contrast of mood. Like the rest of Chicago, I'm all about layering once we start the slide back into the colder months, and I certainly won't regret adding a sweater to that collection.

So I think that's a manageable list to accomplish in the next few months, and not too difficult of one. I'm also toying with the idea of knitting a large gauge blanket, but that may be more of a financial and time investment than I feel like making at the moment.

Are there any projects you're considering? Do share, I love collecting ideas!

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