Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seeing Reds with Albeit Lipsticks

So, I've been in Anthropologie a million times this year, and I've been seeing these lipsticks every time.  Always attracted to the colors, it still didn't occur to me even once in all my swatching to do a quick google of the brand for reviews.  And when I finally gave in and purchased, it turns out they are Anthropologie's own lipstick line!

Top picture: Persimmon on the left, Vermillion
Bottom: Vermillion, Persimmon

Albeit by Anthropologie seems to have been released in the fall of last year and comes in eight shades, as far as I can gather. I've only seen the three carried in the store I frequent, these two plus a soft pink called Peony that I think has "my lips but better" potential, but the other colors available online look intriguing at the very least.

Persimmon is a rich red orange with a mostly matte finish.  In spite of the finish, these both have a pleasingly creamy texture with only a slight drying feeling going into the fourth hour of wear.  I think it makes a great pop of color this season, as everyone is loving orange, without going overboard for those who look a little off with neon orange makeup. ::points to self::

Vermillion definitely has perfect red potential, gracefully balancing between warm and cool undertones. It applies beautifully straight from the bullet, and is a true red that doesn't look vampy at all (I like to save those reds for more adventurous hours).

Throw in the classy retro gold casing and I think we've got ourselves some winners. I wouldn't be surprised to find myself reaching for these babies all year round.

Albeit by Anthropologie ($18) is available in select stores and online at

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