Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Studs: I Feel Like I'm 14 Again

Hey y'all. I wore shoes with studs on them when I was 14.  You did, too, don't tell me lies.  My inner teenage self exploded when I was perusing the internets and came across the ferocious studded Grayson bag from Michael Kors.

1. Modcloth, $59.99 | 2. Modcloth, $49.99 | 3. Modcloth, $59.99 | 4. Modcloth, $47.99 |
5. Modcloth, $44.99

Something about it struck me as the perfect mix of class and fuck-winter-in-Chicago.  Not that I have 428 smackeroos to throw down on a bag right now, but if I did, this bag and I would trounce all over the ice fields terrorizing my life.

Since (in my fantasy of owning this bag) I've already spent a pretty penny, I slithered on over to Modcloth.com to see if they had anything fun to go with this.  Lo! they did.  I pulled my favorites, I think they give the bag a little levity and/or sense of humor that it lacks intrinsically.  I often feel Michael Kors work lacks a sense of humor about itself, which I suppose is fine, but I always like a good laugh.  Personally, I think #4 would look perfectly punchy with dark skinny jeans and literally any boots.  And perfect for the Valentine's season.

What would you go for?  Does this bag get your teenage heart a-beating?

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