Thursday, November 1, 2012

That Time I Got Dressed


I know what you're thinking.  Adorbs, right?  J. Crew denim jacket, J. Crew bubble necklace, Lilly Pulitzer dress, wha-BAM.  Seriously that dress is my favorite thing in the world.  You can wear it with pretty much anything, and if there is one item in the Lilly repertoire that is likely to suit everyone, it is this dress.  The Camie, in case you were wondering.  Tragically, it is not currently for sale on their website, because they have not realized the full potential of the dress (however, the similar Cassie, which I also recommend, is available).  It's your basic cotton shift, with half-length sleeves, and a button up cuff detail.  It is also cut quite large, as far as Lilly items go, a fact of which I heartily approve, not being a member of the slimmer, preppy body set.  It comes in both solid colors and prints.  I have three (but I've put the other two away because they have spring/summer prints on them).

"But Harris," you say, "how can you possibly be wearing what is obviously a summer weight dress as Chicago rapidly approaches winter, and how could I make that work for me?"

Easily, my friend, quite easily.  First of all, I don't stop sweating until it's consistently in the low forties.  I probably have nerve damage, whatever.  Second, I never wear pants, so I am used to showing a lot of legs.  Now, for those of you of weaker constitution, or better sense, the wonderful think about this puppy is that it is light enough to layer comfortably.  Blazers, jackets, tights, I've even heard tell of wearing it over jeans (though I have yet to see an example, so no official stamp of approval from me on that front).   I even tried it as a shirt with a skirt I tried on at Anthro yesterday!

So that's what I wore for Halloween, and I encourage you to give it a spin, because it really is a comfortable dress, and one that lends itself to personal style augmenting quite easily.  Also, if you think this post is sponsored, obviously you think my life is more interesting than it actually is.  I just really like this dress.

Lakeview, Chicago 10/30/12

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