Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fair Weather

On Saturday night, after a long day slaving away at my job, I went with my mother, my aunt, and my mother's oldest friend to the annual Fireman's Fair in the town just next to mine.  We finally made it to the seafood dinner they serve there, and I was not disappointed.  I had fried clams, fried flounder, fried scallops, regular shrimp (just kidding, they were fried, too), and it was all deeeeee-licious.  Even though the arrival of the fair means the end of summer, I always enjoy it and the early fall weather it seems to bring with it.

One of two rides I went on.  I screamed.
The Zipper, possibly my least favorite ride of all time.
A snow cone is the fastest way to my heart.  Take note.
The other ride I went on, always a classic, always higher than I expect.

I love to see all the bright lights and watch the little kids screaming as they beg their parents to take them on one more ride.  Brings me back to the good ol' days (which were like a hot second ago, if you think about it).  I don't know what ends summer for you all, but this is definitely it for me.  Sure the beach club is open for one more week, but the end of the fair still means goodbye to summer to me, as I'm sure it always will.  See you next year, my fair weather friend.


Cori said...

you should come visit me in tejas!
we have summer for at least two more months.
although... this morning when i went swimming after my run, i did shiver when i got out of the pool. of course it was still in the eighties!
miss you!

Unknown said...

this looks like a blast!

<3 steffy
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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I love a good fair or carnival.


Anonymous said...

Reading the list of seafood you ate is seriously making my mouth water! Looks like you had a great time, I can't believe you went on the zipper! I would have thrown up everywhere! Vermont fairs have a maple shack where they make snow cones and then drench them in delicious, real Vermont maple syrup... talk about a party in your mouth!