Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What I'm Reading, Week 15

Back to the world of non-fiction, and what a relief! The Infernal Devices series turned out to be hideously and unnecessarily heart wrenching. I assume it was written with the specific object of making adolescent girls cry their eyes out. Pfffffff.

But this was pretty good!

Karen Abbott's American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare was a very enjoyable biography of Gypsy Rose Lee. Flaws: a little shallow, and the way Abbott jumps back in forth in time is a bit confusing on occasion. Still, Ms. Lee's life story is so interesting and muddled (usually deliberately), you can't help but enjoy it. I also liked this much more than Sin in the Second City, which I read a few years ago and was my first exposure to Abbott's writing.

If you like novelistic history/biography, naked women, or the art of completely changing every aspect of your life, definitely check this one out.

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