Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Emerald Eyes: Rimmel KATE Gel Eyeliner

Recently, I wrote of the failure that was the limited edition colored mascara from Rimmel. Disappointingly, this limited edition eyeliner seemed as if it was going to follow in those footsteps. When I snapped this up at Walgreens and swatched it, I was really put off by how absurdly creamy it was. I didn't think the texture could possibly suit what is supposed to be a waterproof gel eyeliner, but I was absolutely incorrect.

I wore this for Chicago St. Patrick's Day this past Saturday, and it was awesome. It applied like a dream with the included brush (!!!) and, since I was bad and didn't was my face before bed, I can assure you that it lasted without turning patchy or smeary amidst sweaty dancing and sleep for a total of 20 hours. That is truly absurd. It's just the most beautiful rich green color with the slightest shimmer and I'm utterly in love with it. Add to that the extremely friendly price tag, I suggest you go see if you can snap this sucker up before it's gone.

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