Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gift Guide: Holiday Gift Sets

Holiday Gift Sets

Hello again, friends! Is there someone in your life you feel like needs something a little extra special this holiday season? Or you just really, really like them? Or you have a lot of disposable income? Well, here are some nice sets for this holiday season!

Jo Malone Travel Candle Collection $110 at Jo Malone As someone who loves home fragrance, and candles in particular, I think this set from Jo Malone is just the bee's knees. It contains travel candles in Pomegranate Noir, Pine & Eucalyptus, and Incense & Embers. Jo Malone's scents tend to fill the air in a way that makes an impression on the room without being cloying or overwhelming at all. Certainly on the pricey side, but sometimes it's nice to throw some luxury into someone's life.

Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler $60 at Sephora Everyone has a friend who's looking for a signature scent. Is this friend one of your best? Then get her this set of perfume samples. It contains fourteen of the most popular fragrances Sephora carries, plus a voucher for a full size of one of the perfumes. Since perfume is one of those things you simply must try before you buy, this set provides the whole nine yards for a friend in need.

The Art of Shaving Kit - Sandalwood $120 at department stores Do you know a fancy man? Are you yourself a fancy man? If yes to either of the former, do you shave? If so, snag this kit, comprised of a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and an aftershave balm, all with a luxe sandalwood scent, plus a shaving brush. The men deserve a bit of a pamper, too.

Le Creuset Cherry Mini Cocottes $75 at Sur La Table We all know someone who adores their time in the kitchen and cooking delicious meals for others. Make that person's job just that much easier with this assuredly awesome little combination cookware-serveware pieces from Le Creuset. The cherry color makes this set of three perfectly cheery. I guarantee they'll light up the home cook in your life like an ornament.

Spode Christmas Tree Candy Cane Handle Mugs $48 at Bed, Bath and Beyond What to give the host of all the Christmas festivities? In my family, we go with Spode Christmas serveware, and these mugs are totally adorable. Just imagine how perfect they'd be with some marshmallows floating on top of a piping hot chocolate! Anyone (who celebrates Christmas) would be glad to have them.

So there you go! Hope this gets you brainstorming, and I'll pop in with another addition soon :)

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