Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Favorite Vloggers

When I first started getting into the wild world of blogging, I was mostly a reader. There was something about vlogs that just seemed weird to me, plus I couldn't listen to music at the same time. In retrospect, I think it had something to do with the fact that I hear a very specific voice for each writer, and I didn't care for the reality to interfere with whatever sound my mind manufactured.

Of course, you can only be beauty blog obsessed for so long before you start dipping your toes into other arenas. I now have a full blown YouTube addiction, so I thought I'd share with y'all my top 5 vloggers of the moment.

Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup
The OG, my original love, the first vlog I ever got into, and one I still watch religiously. Anna seems so genuine, and I am completely enamored of her makeup style, with her mix of high and low maintenance looks. But mostly I'm just obsessed with her unfailingly good taste in products and all the beauty bumf (as she would say) to which I've been introduced through her channel. (Not gonna lie, also obsessed with the gorgeous reflection from her ring light that she gets in her eyes.)

Amelia of Liana Beauty
Gorgeous flowing locks? Check. Videos ranging from everyday life to beauty? Check. Adorable fluffy dog? CHECK. Love this gal. Another entry from across the pond (as all of these are, natch), Amelia brings her very sweet and constantly amused person to the masses in all of her videos. I particularly love her haul videos, as she covers a wide variety of products and I get to look forward to all of her reviews to come.

Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends
Ms. Crilly is the model of the title, and quite a beautiful one at that, but don't let that scare you off. Her stellar, slightly-off-kilter-in-the-best-possible-way personality shoos the stars out of your eyes immediately, only to reveal a fantastic collection of tutorials, hauls, photo shoots, and more that'll have you positively devoted to this channel.  Throw in some appearances by a recently obtained fluffy dog and a somewhat grumpy cat, this 'un's got it all, giving us peons a window into the life of a faaaaabulous working model.

Lily Pebbles
I'll admit, at first, there was something I found a bit standoffish about this lovely lady, but once I realized that she's just a far more relaxed person than I'll ever be, I totally fell head over heels for her.  I started as a blog reader of hers, but I now look forward to her every YouTube entries.  I have the most fun watching her vlogs, her abundant editing skills are most clearly on show there, and she knows exactly how to keep the pace up for her ravenous viewers.

Certainly, "manic pixie" is not something I look for when searching the interweb, but I stumbled across this little chickie and OH MY GOD.  Not only does she have outrageously beautiful hair, but I think I finally understand what denizens of the UK mean when they say someone is "mad." She gives off a slightly unhinged air brought on, as far as I can tell, by an uncontrollable zest for life and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.  Also, she has two guinea pigs, which may seem like it's beside the point, but if you watch her videos, you will see that it truly is not.

So that's the rundown, kids. I know this is a heavily entirely British list, but I am a sucker for those accents; though my subscription list is quite a bit longer, I have yet to find anyone stateside that I enjoy watching as much as these ladies.  I hope you like 'em, too!

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any must-watch vloggers I didn't mention!

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